H4 Visa Dropbox appointment in India


My wife went to H4 Visa stamping to India and attended dropbox visa appointment on April 6. On April 21 CEAC status changed to “Refused” and we received an email on friday asking “Scan and send Primary applicant’s valid visa”. I am in US and last stamped in 2019 with old passport. I got H1 extension approval with new passport and didn’t go to India after 2019.

Below are my questions

  1. H4 can go to H4 visa renewal with H1 approval and H4 approval right (no need of H1 visa stamping). Please confirm.
  2. For the email we can send I-797, old passport stamping and I-94 copy right.

Thanks in Advance


Yes. Its odd that CO is asking for visa stamp as the copy of H1B I-797 will have I-94 meaning extension of status was granted while the person is in US.

Hi @Kalpesh_Dalwadi ,

Thanks for the reply. I sent reply by adding H1 visa copy, I-797A approval, I-94 and new passport front page into one document. I tried to call Hyderabad consulate general and they informed if officer asked visa stamp, you should submit visa stamp.

I was in doubt that I need to go to India and get my visa stamped but slots are not available until September.

Thanks again.

Well, you don’t really need a valid visa stamp as you are already in the US. Just send copy of the old/expired visa.

Hi @Kalpesh_Dalwadi,

Thanks for the reply. CEAC status was updated to “Administrative Processing” from “Refused” today. I hope it is good sign the status will be updated to “Issued” in 2-3 days.

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