H4 Visa appointment scheduled before Change in employer

Hi… If any one had this kind of situation please let me know what i should do.

I am currently working with Company A and applied H4 Visa appointment for my fiance and have the dates as well for November. But i am shifting company now with new receipt after H1B transfer.

Will there be any problem for H4 interview with old receipt in DS 160? Can she take new DS160 with correct receipt number and company details and get the same appointment date?

Please let me know if any thoughts on this, Thanks in advance!

Couple of options:

  1. Complete another DS-160 form with updated receipt number and carry that. Then request biometrics person to change the DS# from old to new in your interview application.

  2. Go with existing DS form and request the biometrics person to swap the old receipt number with new one.

I am not 100% sure if it is ok to attend interview with a pending transfer receipt number.

Thanks Saurabh… Interview is in November, i will update what happened after the interview.