H4 visa after previous H1, F1 visa rejections


I have H4 visa interview in Hyderabad tomorrow. Previously, I did my MS in US and worked there for sometime. I came to India in 2011 and got 221g and had to stay here from then as my visa was in administrative processing and then later got rejected in May 2013. Meanwhile, I applied for a F1 visa in Dec 2012 and it got rejected.

Now I got married recently and applied for a h4 visa, anyone in similar boat? WHat are my chances as I got rejected previously ? Please reply.


I assume you have never submitted false documents or lied to the officer.

Chances of H-4 visa stamping are dependent on H-1 visa holder’s employment situation. So if your spouse is working for a good employer and has everything in order, then H-4 visa stamping should be successful.


I got my H4 visa stamped yesterday without any issues. The VO just asked about my husband’s designation, to which I answered. Thanks redbus2us.com for visa guidance.

Thank you. I got my H4 visa approved yesterday. I was just asked about my husband’s designation.

Congratulations! Happy stories are always so nice to hear. Have a safe trip to the United States and wish you both the very best

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