H4 Visa Admin Process Refusal and call for another interview

Hi Everyone,

I have been part of this community from few years. Recently I got married in Arya Samaj (12th Feb) and register our marriage at New Delhi government to get the legal certificates.

Feb 28 - My wife attended h4 visa interview in delhi
VO- Asked few question which she did answer, she also showed all parties and family engagement pictures. later Vo issue 221g (blue slip) to submit ritual pictures.
Fe 28 - We submitted Arya Samaj Ritual pictures
March 02 - Visa got refused and asked her to appear for reinterview (she received the following emails)

In order to process your nonimmigrant visa application please appear for an interview at the embassy on any working day between 8.00 am to 10 am along with a photo identity (your Voter id card/Adhar card/Driving license) and the petition based documents. Please bring a copy of this email with you in order to access gate no # 6 and appear at window # 3.

Any idea what is the second interview is all about? and what is the chances of getting the visa now?

It is probably Adminstrative Processing status. Can you share a screenshot of what you see online ?