H4-Visa-221g Under presidential proclamation of travel ban


Recently I have attend Visa interview at Hyderabad consulate. received 221g under presidential proclamation of travel ban. but after my visa my husband received NIE approved. currently we both are in India. can someone please let me what will be my next steps. this is my initial first H4 visa stamping


Send email to the consulate and attach the NIE approval for your husband requesting to approve NIE for you. Once approved you can send that to the consulate requesting to approve your visa. If accepted, they will send you email to submit your passport for stamping.

Below links may help you dig through more information re: NIE and travel.

Hi kalpesh

Thanks for responding on this.Can we send Email to NIE with out a attaching visa copy?


Yes, you can send email as I explained no need for visa as your is still not approved.


I received following response from Hyderabad NIE

IMPORTANT: Only individuals already in possession of a valid U.S. visa will be considered for a National Interest Exception. If you do not already have a valid U.S. visa in your passport, you will not receive a response to your email.

Can you please what i can do in this situation

Thank you
Deepak Reddy

Did you attach the copy of primary H1B visa approved under NIE and explain that H4 visa is on hold due to PP which is why you are requesting NIE?