H4 Validity Query

Hello Members,

I need some details on H4 validity for first time travelers. Below is my case:

I had H1B visa from employer A which I got transferred to employer B and traveled to US from employer B with new I-797 which is valid till Nov-2017.
My wife and kid has H4 stamped from employer A which is valid till June-2016 and they never traveled to US, so there is no I-94 for them.

Now my queries are -
1.Can my wife and kid travel to US before their visa expiry date (June-2016) or do they need to go for re-stamping via employer B documents.
2. If yes for travel, what documents do they need from employer B so that they can get the I-94 valid till mine i.e. Nov-2017?


  1. They can travel on existing visa stamp

  2. They should carry B’s 797 copy. If asked, they should reply truthfully that you work w/ B and other employment details (title, location etc). Maybe send a copy of your employment verification letter also to them

Thanks Saurabh for the response.

One more doubt I have, currently my location is changed as mentioned in LCA (due to project requirement).
So my dependent can travel to my current location directly or they have to land first on the location as mentioned in my LCA?


Is your H-1 amendment approved or still pending?

Not approved yet…still pending.

They can travel to your current location. They should also carry copy of amendment receipt and copy of new LCA to show that you are compliant and eligible to work at the new location.