H4 VAC interview question suggestions

Hi Sir/Madam,

My situation is as follows, I am an MD doctor in India (quit my job in June 2022), got married in August 2022, and plan to go to the US on H4. My husband is in the US since 2013, he went there for his master and is working in the same company since 2015(I140 approved). While I am staying in the US, I plan to prepare for USMLE with the eventual goal of trying to secure a residency spot. I have my H4 visa VAC interview coming in a few weeks.

During my interview if I am asked what I plan to do in the US, how do I answer?
-Do I be honest and explain what I plan to do as stated above,
-or do I not tell them about Usmle/residency, and not tell them my plans at all, and just say I have not decided and am taking one step at a time?

Suggestions would be very much appreciated.


H4 can legally study in the US so just state the facts.

Thank you for your response, Kalpesh!!