H4 travelled, H1 B stamping done.


Currently am on H1 B visa and working in US,

My spouse has visited me on H4 and left to India. Now she got H1 B stamped but currently the position on hold due to some reasons. Can they be travelled on H4. if yes whats the process? what are the points needs to be considered?

She can travel on H-4 visa even after her H-1 petition has been approved. If she already has an unexpired H-4 visa stamp in the passport, she can use that. If not, she will have to appear for H-4 visa stamping.

Thanks for the reply. H1B for spouse got stamped. so still H4 will be valid?

Unless they have marked the H-4 visa stamped as canceled, it is valid for travel (provided it has not expired).

How is it possible to make the H4 not to get cancelled. Will there not be any issues at port of entry? how to we inform them that we are travelling on H4

H-1 and H-4 are different visas. At times, when approving one visa, VO cancels the other visa. Unless the visa stamp has marked Canceled in the passport, it is valid for travel.

When entering US, the spouse can show the correct visa page and let the PoE officer know that she is visiting on H-4. She should carry information about your H-1 to show at PoE.