H4 traveling to india with a return ticket. Return date is after Visa expiry date

I have H4 Visa. I am currently in US. My VISA expires on Dec 31 , 2015.

I am NOT filing extension. I need to travel back to India in Dec.

Can I book a Round-trip ticket which has return date after Dec 31. ( I am booking Round-trip ticket just because it’s cheaper than one way. I am going to cancel the return ticket afterwards.)

Will this be a problem if I travel with such ticket ?


  • Namrata.

Do you have any plans of coming back to US after Dec 31, 2015. If yes, then you can book a round trip ticket.Other wise its waste of money.

In case if you are returning back in a yr of time, you can book with some date and later on you can postpone the ticket to appropriate date. For Example, if you book a ticket with return date as Apr, 2016, in case if you didnt get a chance to travel by that time, you can post pone the ticket till the date you booked the current ticket. Its with most of the airlines where they allows to postpone upto an year. If you wish you can check with the airlines through which are you travelling.