H4 Travel with H1 transfer to new Employer


Am in US since March 2013 and associated with Employer A. My wife got her visa stamped with my Employer A H1 and joining me on Nov 4 2013 and i have booked the tickets. Now i got a good oppurtunity with a new Employer B. If i switch to employer B, the H1 will have to be transferred a new LCA needs to be applied.

How will my change to Employer B affect my spouse travel? Please note she is travelling for the first time with 2 yr old kid. How will my H1 trasnfer affect her? Please advice. Am not sure what to do

In my opinion, it is a really small matter. Let your family travel on the original H-4. Plans change for everyone including your decision to change employers. Happens all the time. Let it not affect family reunification, they are ready to travel - let them.

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Dr. Sandeep Shankar, Academic Advisor (India) to The Executive Director, Colorado Heights University, Denver, CO 80223, USA. [www.chu.edu](http://www.chu.edu/)

But the time she travels, should she carry the new Employer H1, LCA documents. If she travels with original H4 that means she will be having my original H1 approval (I797). Will there be a question to show the new H1 copy (new Employers)

No. She has all the papers needed to travel. Passport is stamped etc etc. After she is here, work on the switch in case she wishes to work or study but with a little baby, that part may be a little into the future.