H4 transfer after initial denial

Hi ,

below is my situation :

  1. I am on L1B in US and my wife on L2 … Since i was reaching max-out my current employer A filed for H1 and H4 for my wife…

my H1 got approved but we got denial on H4 (Sept 18th). THough she has L2 which is valid till March 2014, once my H1B becomes active on Oct 1st, will l2 become invalid ? Does She have to go back and then come with new H4.

Can I appeal against denial? How long does it take 2 file appesl? 2) Secondly, I am planning to switch to new employer once i get H1B, so if i initiate transfer before Oct 1st will she be able to stay beyond Oct 1st since another application is in works ?

but if I am not able to initiate transfer which is likely she has to go back and then once my transfer is complete, then come back with new H4 visa … may i right ??