H4 to Hi tranfer complication pleeease help me someone


I am In deep trouble.Please help me.

I came to US on H4 .I applied for H1bvisa in 2011 through a consultant who charged me $2000 for that.During the procesing i went to india for some reason in 2012 and came back with new stamped h4 visa.in dec2013 i got a approved h1b visa but i get I797b without I94.so my change of status is denied.

so i can not get ssn.


my employer is not applying for cos and not allowing me to go to india and get stamped .He is asking me to find a client project for myself and then he will apply for cos.I am tring but without SSN nobody giving me job


I dont know what should i do please give some legal advise.please help me.

Find another employer and have them file cap-exempt petition for you. Your employer cannot force you to stay in US, but they are within their rights not to hire you (i.e. file COS) if they don’t have any work for you at the moment.