H4 to H1B stamping (First H1B rejected in 2011)

Dear Admins/Users,

Below is my case…

My 1st H1B stamping was rejected at Chennai, India in July 2011(I did MS in Computer Science in USA and Graduated in May 2008. When I went for H1B stamping, I was working on in-house project, received multiple 221Gs and finally got rejected).

I came back to USA on H4 visa at the end of 2012. Since H1B CAP was not an issue for me my employer(Same employer that filed my H1B in 2011) filed for new H1B in March 2013 with client letter (EVC model) and got it approved for 18 months, I didn’t had to go for stamping for COS(H4 to H1). I renewed my H1B in 2014 and got approved for 3 years. Now I am thinking of going to Hyderabad, India for H1B stamping (I am working for my present client for the last 9 months on EVC model. Except client letter I can produce all the docs… Like Vendor letter, latest H1B amendment, offer letter, last two years w2s, paystubs etc.)

Did anybody come across similar cases?

What are the negative factors in my case?

Any advice, info will be really helpful.

Thanks in advance, Vijay

A lot of folks do get their visa stamped successfully on EVC without a client letter. I know its stressful, but with your work history and documentation you should be fine. If you can get an email saying your end client does not give client letter I would take that as well.