H4 To H1B - First time travel to India for stamping

Hi All

I was in H4 visa from Feb 2013 to October 2013( 9 months).

I got my H1 through one consultancy and I started working from last october.

Now i have an personal emergency to travel to India. When i checked with my employer they are telling they didnt amend my LCA after i joined. My client is a one of the largest retailer in USA. My employer filed my H1b with some other client letter.

I am working as contractor. There is 3 vendors betweens my client and employer.

My employer is saying when i go for stamping you can tell like you are working in an internal project of my employer. No need to mention the client name. They are not a big company. A company with employees less than 30.

Is it risk to go for stamping with this employer?

Can I transfer my visa to some other good employer?

If I transfer to some BEP category client is there any issue in stamping? or in visa transfer?

You should leave this employer ASAP if he is asking you to lie blindly to the visa officer.

Always speak the truth to the visa officer. If you have 3 vendors in b/w, then chances of approval are on the lower side. A better option is to change employers and then appear for stamping. Maybe the client’s preferred vendor will be willing to hire you (look out for non-solicitation clause b/w your employer and clients/vendors).