H4 to H1B COS, H4 expires on July.

Hi, I am currently on H4 Visa and planning to apply for jobs that can sponsor for a H1B Visa in 2013. My visa expires on July 2013, will file extension for H4 on June. My question is…

Will it be a problem to apply for H1B visa on April 2013 , as H4 expires on July.

Your H-1 will be applied w/ COS from H-4 to H-1. So USCIS can issue RFE asking for proof of H-4 extension to cover the period from July to Oct (as the H-1 will start in Oct). Once the H-4 gets extended, it should be fine.

Why not apply for H-4 extension early? Your spouse’s employer doesn’t want to apply early?