H4 to H1 transfer in RFE status. Need to know if I can travel to India on RFE..

I am currently on H4 visa in USA. I have applied for H1B visa which is in RFE status. The response for RFE was already sent and was received by USCIS on october 14th. I have an urgent need to travel to India within 2 weeks.

Can I travel to India? Will it impact my approval chances? Secondly if it gets approved in between then can I still enter on H4 and file for COS.

Your response will be highly appreciated.



Your petition will still be processed and may get approved. Its approval will not be impacted by your travel.

However, your COS will be abandoned once you leave US. So even after H-1 approval, your status will remain H-4 (I assume you will return on H-4 visa). To move to H-1 and to start working, you need to file COS petition or enter US on stamped H-1B visa.