H4 to H1 to H4

My husband is with me on H4 Visa. An employer is ready to file his H1B Visa for 2015 with COS.

My questions:

  1. If approved, would my husband come in H1 status from Oct 1, 2015 automatically?

  2. If for some reason he does not find any project and the employer does not give him salary, would he be considered out of status?

  3. If situation in point 2 above happens, how much time does he have to file for COS to H4 again?

  4. If situation in point 2 above happens and he decides to go back to India, would he be able to travel on old H4 stamp again which is valid for next 2 years?

  5. If he starts working on H1 for Employer A and at some time in future, he comes in H4 status (by filing I-539) and then if he decides to work again, would he be able to join Employer A again directly (provided that I-797 is still valid) or he would need to file COS to H1 using I-539?