H4 to H1 Coversion Process.. Had F1 Visa earlier...

Hello Everyone,

I have a question regaridng H4 to H1 conversion. I lived in USA for 3 years as a student on F1 Visa. I had some health issues and had to come back to India and its been 6 months now. When I came back to India my Visa Status was F1-Stem OPT extension.
I am expecting to get back into USA 3rd week of March on H4 Visa. My employer is ready to sponsor me H1 in 2015. My Fiancee has got his H1 approved in2014 but still pending on his stamping. We are planning to go for stamping on the same day. Please help me with the following questions:

  1. Do you think we are going to have any issues during the Visa? I mean he is still pending on stamping, so going together will be any problem

  2. I am planning to come to USA during March 3rd week, So do you think it is fine if I enter USA just 1 week before filing H1? Or do I need to come a little early?? I will be keeping all the other documents ready apart from the i94 number.

  3. Can anyone tell me what are the documents I need to submit for the H1 Application?
    Please help me out…
    Thanks in advance.