Hi Saurabh,

I am in India right now with approved H1B petition and waiting for my docs.
On the other hand, my wife is working in H1B. Is it possible to travel in H4 as my wife’s H1 dependent and later do COS n start working in US for my employer ??

My doubt is, Will there be any questions asked reg my H1B approved petition during H4 stamping?

Pls help me…

You can have it stamped, but the change of status will take time here to be approved. It is not something that you can get approved within a short period once you come over, the processing times vary by the service center you apply to, and can take months. It is good to have your H1B stamped and enter USA.

Thanks Ramanan for your response. My employer told he will initiate premium process for COS and we can get it in 2 weeks of time. Is it something that can happen? Kindly guide me.

Premium processing can only be done on H1b petitions. You cannot file a premium processing for I-539 application alone, which is the change of status application.