H4 to H1 COS - Need Guidance - urgent


My wife got my H1B approval last month though a vendor while she was staying in H4 in US. We applied for her SSN as well and yet to receive the number. Meanwhile we had a emergency in India and had to travel back.

  1. I got my My H1 B renewal petition approved and its is with me, While I go for H1B extension stamping should my wife be accompanying me for H4 stamping?

  2. She doesnt have a job right now as the H1B was just approved. Can we go for a H4 Stamping and convert the status again after reaching US?

  3. If we go for her H1B stamping, should she be working right from the next day she reaches US?

Hi Hikeets,
This is Swetha, i need some information on which consultancy has filed H1 for your wife, iam also looking for a sponsor, worked in Java for 7yrs, currently iam on H4 and willing for COS to H1, it would be great help if you can provide me that information.

If your wife has all documents related to her H1 (offer letter, client letter, petition document etc.), then it is better she try for her H1 stamping. If that’s not possible, then only way for her to enter would be H4 and she can appear for stamping along with you, but that would mean her H1 petition would be revoked/cancelled (pls confirm this with someone else)

if she comes on H4 to the US, yes she can apply for H1 again

Looks like you are commenting only to get some sponsors’ names. unlikely someone would mention something like that here. you can may be try sending them PMs. ATB.