H4 to H1 Change of Status -- Leaving US while COS is pending

Hi ,

My wife is working on H4 EAD and her employer applied for H1B and it picked through lottery this year. The application is pending now and we recieved an RFE. The company is workin on the RFE. Now we had to leave USA for some unavoidable situation. My H1 got transferred to a new employer 3 months back and my wife’s H4 is also approved.
We are planning to have Visa stamping for our new H1 and H4 while we are away form USA.
After coming back, if my wife’s H1 is approved, i think my wife has to go out of country again and get H1 stamped as her COS will be abandoned.

Does she have to leave the country and get stamping as soon as the H1 approves? or we can wait till we go out of USA again and get the stamping done while coming back?

Your understanding is correct, COS will be abandoned.
No, she does not have to leave and get it stamped immediately. Yes, you can do that. The key thing for this, you having that H1B role, when you go for stamping and planning to work for them.