H4 to H1 ( Cap Exempt ) Conversion Fee


     I worked in US with H1B Visa , for some reasons i had to convert my Visa to H4 for 1 year . Now i would like to start working again , So here are my questions . 

1 ) Can i convert my Old H1B with my same employer from H4 . ( H4 to H1 ) ? 

2 ) If yes , The USCIS fee would be equivalent to the new H1 or a smaller fee as i am not under the quota since i am applying COS to my old H1B ? 

Please provide your valuable suggestion .
  1. Yes.

  2. I think if the employer is same it should be the same fee as the new H1 but 500$ fraud prevention fee might be waivered, an attorney filing your application would be in a beter position to answer this.

The $2000 public law fee will also not be applicable.