H4 to H1 - Can i work if I have approved H1( already have SSN) or should I wait for COS


My Spouse is in H4 and I applied for H1B Which got approved in October 2015.

My employer told that we can start to search for Job with the I94 on the petition as my spouse has an SSN (SSN was applied when she was on L2) . Should I wait for Change in Status ? Could anyone help on this or should I ask my employer for the COS ?

I would recommend to wait till you get COS status.

Thanks Jathin… Will wait for the COS.Will I be intimated by my employer about the COS or can i check it Online ( Like checking status of H1 petition).

After COS is filed, a receipt number is generated. You can follow it online just like H-1 petition.

The other option is to enter US on stamped H-1 visa (may be easier if you already have travel plans to home country and don’t mind H-1 stamping)

Thank you Saurabh… Since there is no plan to travel to home country I will wait for COS. Will I get a different receipt number after my COS is filed or is it the same H1B approved petition number ?

It will have a different number from your H-1 petition.