H4 to H1 approved, But employer is terminating my H1

Currently I am on H4 visa. This yr I applied for H1 and it got picked up in lottery

and approved a month ago. And my H1 is valid from Oct 1st 2014 till 30th Sept 2017. But right now

My employer just informed that as he doesnot have any internal or extrenal projects,

he is going to terminate my H1. I only have my Receipt number and donot have any copy of I797.

On 30th Sept 2014, my H4 will expire and i will be out of status as even my employer is terminating my

H1. So If i apply for extension for H4 now and in future if i apply for H1(New petition), will i come

under Cap Exempt or not, even if my employer terminates my H1 ?