H4 to h1 and back to h4

I was on H1 visa last year. Had to go back to India in Nov 2014.
Came back in march 2015 on H4 stamped.
Then applied for h4 EAD.
Meanwhile there was urgent opening in one organization and they applied for my H1 cap exempt in premium wirh COS from H4 to H1.
June I got my H1 B approved till 2018.I started working on H1B since then.
July I got my H4 Ead.Which I couldnt uae as I had moved to H1B.

I am going to India in Nov now. If I dont get H1B stamped and come back on same H4 which was stamped in feb 2015. Will I automatically move from H1 B to H4 and can start using EAD? Is it possible?

Yes, if you return on H-4 visa, your status will become H-4. You can then use EAD to work as long as the same has not expired. Keep your employer in loop as they need to know your immigration status for legal and compliance purpose.

Thanks Saurabh…
Suppose If I go for stamping of H1 in India, will they cancel my h4 stamped and give h1 or will they keep both stamps?