H4 to F1 visa query!! Very important and urgent!!!


I currently hold an H-4 Visa and residing in the US for the past 5 months. I got admitted for a spring college course which commences in January 2017. I have the confusion about when to get F-1 stamped since the college requires 1 year of F-1 status for me to be eligible for OPT/CPT.

Can I go to India now to get it stamped before the college starts ? Based on my research it has high chances of getting rejected. Is it true ?If this gets rejected I have the plan to come back in H-4 and continue studies. Will my subsequent COS in near future affect due to this earlier F-1 denial ?I have another option of doing COS by may 2017 when the summer course begins.Any help in resolving my queries would be greatly appreciated.

NOTE : My husband is having H-1 B visa for past three years.

Hello, Hope things have worked out well for you. I am currently in similar situation and would like to get some suggestion feom you. I have the same questions as you have posted above ? do you suggest to go back to india and get F1 stamping ? or apply for COS once starting to study on H4 ?