H4 to F1 Conversion Process


Currently I’m working in a software company and my H1B visa got approved last month.
My Spouse is planning to travel US.

Please let me know is it better to get my spouse H4 stamped first and goto US and then apply for H4 to F1 conversion from US. (Because in the worst case even if F1 gets rejected we have H4 visa in hands already. ) How would be the process of visa conversion from H4 to F1?

Otherwise Is it good to go for F1 visa directly instead of attending H4 interview and travel to US as a student.

Please help to understand and clarify me.

Awaiting for your response.


If your wife’s intent is to study anyways on F1 visa, then might as well get it stamped in India, just to make her life easier. Sometimes Change of Status can drag and take time. If worst case, her F1 does not get approved, she can apply for dependent H4 visa and then travel.

In general, it is much easier to get H4 visa stamping than F1 visa stamping.