H4 Stamping with Transfer in Progress or Approved

My wife is back in India and we have scheduled her H4 Stamping interview in the month of July.

I have got an opportunity with new employer and they have started H1B transfer process. Even though H1B is transferred I would be in notice period with my current employer.

Can i fill DS 160 for H4 with I797 of current employer which is valid till 2024? will there be issue as I would have two approved I797 with different employers?

You should update the DS-160 with the new I-797 if your spouse applied for visa after you start the new job.

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I am in USA with. valid visa till May 2024. MY WIFE ( In India currently) also has Valid H4 visa till May 2924.
I Have got an appointment for Dropbox for my son In August 2022 .

I have received my H1,B transfer approval For a new employer .

Will my son’s appointment require any change ind documents or Updation of DS 160 ?

If you received new I-797 after you submitted yhe DS-160, then yes you need to update it with the new employer information and the I-797 #.