H4 stamping with out wedding card and wedding albume ab


I am married for 12 years and have two kids. I have my H1 B petition approved . My PAI is scheduled soon for my dependants (my husband and my kids) and myself . I am a little worried as i do not have a wedding album or marriage invitation card as ours was a simple temple marriage. I hardly have 3 or 4 photographs of the wedding ceremony.

However, i have marriage certificate, birth certificate of our kids where our names are mentioned as parents, our names as spouse in the passport , two registered property documents jointly in our names.

Will the above documents be enough as evidence of marriage . Hope there would be no denial of visa as i dont have a wedding album or a wedding invitation to show them.


Suriya S.

It is ok to marriage certificate and passports updated. As long as you have some document to show that you are really married, it should be fine.