H4 stamping - while spouse H1 transfer in process

Hi Experts

I am in US working for a Company A and i got an offer with Company B. Company B started the H1 transfer process in premium but got RFE from USCIS. Company B is working on responding to RFE.

My family is currently in India. We are planning to do H4 stamping for my wife based on Company A’s i797. Will there be a problem since there is H1 transfer in RFE stage for myself through Company B. Will there be any issue of H4 getting rejected ? SInce company B is taking longer time to respond we are in a dilemma whether to proceed for H4 stamping based on Company A’s document.

If anybody could give some expert advise that would be much helpful

An H-4 is linked to primary H-1 and not to employer directly. It does not matter what stage your H-1B transfer is in presently. This should not pose any problems.

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Dr. Sandeep Shankar, Colorado Heights University (www.chu.edu)


Hello, what happened to your case. I am in the same situation. Can you advise ASAP???


Has anyone went with the same situation and got approval??