H4 Stamping when h1B stamping on a different company

Hi saurabh,

Started to work on first H1B from Oct 2011 and got the H1B visa Stamping in India on Dec 2011 for Company A. On Feb 2012 Left the company because of Financial issue in the company 70% got fired. Then from March 2012 started to work with new Employer B on H1B and continue working with the Company B as Transfer of H1B from Company A to B from March 2012.

since I moved to Company B in march 2012 and got I797 approved from April 2012 to march 2013 through company B.Now I applied extension from company B and got approval from April 2013 to March 2016.And have H1B stamping on [my passport](http://redbus2us.com/uscis-news-h1b-and-l1-2000-fee-increase-effective-from-aug-14th-2010/#) from Company A valid until 2014 May.


1)Planing to go to India this December do i need to go for H1B stamping again? ; When I went for stamping initial on Dec 2011 got it approved until 2014 May.


Note:Going to [get married](http://redbus2us.com/uscis-news-h1b-and-l1-2000-fee-increase-effective-from-aug-14th-2010/#) this november 30th.

2)Since you have said stamping not required from Company B to enter US again after marriage(Even lawyers said same thing).Will my H4B will [get approved](http://redbus2us.com/uscis-news-h1b-and-l1-2000-fee-increase-effective-from-aug-14th-2010/#) based on my status?

Note:Not sure the initial company A informed USCIS about my change of Employer or not as i did not received any info from Company A that they are reporting to USCIS.



Dear Chatra,

I avoided poking my nose in the question addressed to somebody else who is quite knowlegeble. However I wish to share my experience about identical case that I handled last yr.

It is is true that you may not need visa stamping if you are travelling alone.But here yr wife needs a visa.There is a risk of her visa getting refused if you do not apply for fresh stamping as per new I 797

In the case that I handled last yr, case was identical. His lawyer like yours advised him that he does not visa.

When I insisted that he apply for visa so that his wife gets visa easily, he discussed the case with his lawyer who finally advised him to get fresh visa.[If you want I can give you his name, e mail address and phone no in USA]

Incidentally I had personally discussed this scenario with American Consulate Mumbai’s visa officer at Nagpur during her visit here.I had an opportunity to discuss many things across the table in a face to face conversation with visa officer. She went to the extent of saying that irrespective of what American lawyer says every H1 visa holder must have fresh stamping if he changes the job and is in India.

When you have a straight safe path why go for risky short cut?