I am on H1B VISA

My wife came to usa on H4 VISA in 2012 and her H4 VISA Stammped till Oct 2015.

Then She changed her Status to H1 VISA in 2013.

She went to india in FEB 2014 and her employer terminated her H1B .

I also went to india in Mar 2014 and my employer also terminated my H1B.

Then i have applied for H1B again in Oct 2014 through another employer and my H1B Got Approved and got visa stamped till 2017 and came back to USA.

My Question is

Do my Wife have to go H4 Stamping Again ? or She can come to USA with her Previous H4 VISA which is Valied till Oct 2015.

If any body Knows Please let me Know.

While the dates on old H-4 are current and valid, your wife did go through a status change. This sometimes shows up on computers here when the visa page is scanned. The screen will show “invalid or unable to verify”. She should not have a problem with a new H-4, I suggest applying again.

Best wishes

Dr. Sandeep Shankar, Colorado Heights University, www.chu.edu