H4 Stamping needed for passport with already valid stamp due to change of employer?

i had petition valid till 2017 from employer A and when my wife went to india she got it stamped, before she came back i switched jobs to employer B and their new petition is valid till 2018 Feb, Since i wont be travelling i will not attend VISA interview

Is stamping needed for her while she comes back with my new employer B’s petition or can she come without attending interview as the stamp that she already has is valid till 2017 July?

I dont think so it is needed. She might need to have a copy of your new H1b transfer approval notice for immigration when coming back.

You may check with your company lawyer, as they would give you more details as to what section of the law allows it, to be on safer side.

Few lawyers, may suggest to get it stamped to avoid risk, but if the trip is very short with no time for stamping, you may go this way.

Thanks a lot !, I shall talk to my employer on the same