H4 Stamping in India while approval is not in hand

My wife H4 extension is approved while she is in USA, but we haven’t received the approval notice/I-797. She wants travel to India.

Does she really require approval notices when she goes to stamping ?

Sorry this is not an answer to your question but a question from my end as I am going for stamping too. I have heard that administrative processing is applied for most cases and in sometimes that can take up to 6 months. Are you aware of this? Did you hear about any such cases? All my paper work is in order and done legally but I am worried that I might get stuck in India- any thoughts on this?

@kiranfindout, No, she does not need her H4 approval notice. She will need the H1B approval notice of the spouse to go for stamping.

@Cyble85, No, not for all cases, only some that have some issues, do not assume that…
If you petition is good, you are in good shape…be confident and stay positive, do not rely on some random messages without any proper data supporting the same.