H4 Stamping- First time- F1to H4

Hi everyone,

I’m on H4 (F1-H4) & planning to travel India in sept end. This is my first H4 stamping, after being changed my status F1 to H4 last year. I’ve few questions :-

-2014 We’ve married religiously in India & didn’t get a chance to register our marriage in India. Also, didn’t get a chance to go back & register after that. Last year, I had to change my status F1 to H4, so we took help from attorney about Marriage certificate. He suggested remarry here in US. So we did it & got marriage certificate and H4 approved. My question here - If VO asked about our marriage date, should I tell him the whole thing?

  • I’ve recently applied for H4 EAD, My husband will be here to address RFE if I might get? is it safe travel to India while waiting for EAD?

  • I’m going Delhi for stamping. Does anyone of you recently went for H4 stamping ? Also, since my status F1-H4, Could anyone share the list of documents for H4 stamping?

Thank you!!

Hi karry,

how did your application go?