H4 stamping, EAD & AP Do I need H4 stamped for Re-entry?

Case- Our GC is under process by my husband’s employer. I am on EAD (had to let go my stamped H1B) but my husband is still on H1B. He has filed for H1B renewal along with H4 visa for me. I am going to India for 3 months. I have AP.

Que- Do I need H4 stamping to enter in USA? If I get H4 stamped, would I lose my EAD status?

It depends on the status you plan to enter in. If you use your Advance Parole document, you will retain your EAD Status. But, if you plan to get H4 Visa and enter on the same status, then you may lose it.

Please check with your Employer’s Attorney as it is a tricky situation and you could end up losing your EAD status, if you do mistake.