H4 stamping and passport renewal

Hi All,

My passport will expire in Jan 2022 and I will be applying for H4 stamping in few weeks for first time. I have doubts on given conditions:-

  1. My passport is going to expire in Jan 2022, therefore what would be the validity of my H4 stamp if I get done on current passport i.e. is H4 stamp will be till H1 of my spouse or till date of approval notice or till date of my passport validity of Jan 22?

  2. Just in case I reach US before the expiry of my passport with H4 stamping done. Can I renew my Passport from US, do I have to get the stamping done again from India or can I get same done in US with validity of my spouse H1.

  3. How long does it take to get H4 approval if I don’t get it done with my husband’s H1B stamping and get passport renwed and then apply seperately for H4 stamping? Which way is better to get stamping together or separately?

Pls help me out.

Many Thanks

passport expires don’t consider for visa stamping however it should have at least 6 months passport validity before going to stamping.

Your stamping will be done as per end date in current I797 approval notice of your spouse.

In future if you renew passport you should carry old passport as well because stamping already in old passport.

Before expired of your passport you can enter into US with valid visa.

If you have more time you can renew passport and attend interview or even after stamping also you can renew passport. I think we can renew passport before 1year of expiration.

Please you can also check details in ustravel docs website.

H4 visa stamping will not dependent on primary h1b visa stamping both are treated as separate. It’s only required valid i797 approval notice.

Thank you so much for the answers, solves my doubt.