H4 Stamping after H1B was approved based on an RFE

Extremely Urgent - PA on 9th of April…

Hi Saurabh,

My H1B was approved based on an RFE. Infact, I got RFE on 19th of Dec, 2012 and H1B transfer was approved on 5th of Feb, but the company name was printed wrongly and had to file for an amendment. The amended notice was received and my dependents are going for stamping on 9th of April. I have the following questions:

Will the dependants need to know anything about the RFE and its response?? The reason being, while responding to RFE the Attorneys have provided a different project information to USCIS to show the proof the I-94 they have requested for 3 years is justified. Do my spouse need to know at that level as I will not be going for stamping along with my wife. I am staying here as the i-94 was approved.

What other precautions to take during such cases?

PLEASE RESPOND ASAP as I need to be aware of this information before 11.00 AM Monday EST [4/8]. Thanks, RR

Apologies as this response is already few days late.

How did the interview go?

Dear Saurabh, We had too much of anxiety, but the interview went fine. It was approved in few seconds.
Thanks for all your help but too much of confusions this time.

Glad it all worked out. Have a safe flight to US!