h4 procedure and fee for dependents.

Hi Saurabh, My h1 petition got approved recently and papers yet to come to me. I am planning to go for stamping with dependents(wife & kid). 1. Could you pls provide me the info about h4 docs. 2. Who will initiate this process(consultancy or self)? 3. What will be the cost for this? 4. How much time will this take? Thanks, Lohith

  1. For H-4, you need to submit the necessary fees, complete DS-160 form and then let them appear w/ you for ineterview. When scheduling the interview you receive an option to add family members, and you can add them at that point. Documents required involve proof of marriage (marriage certificate, wedding card/album), proof of parenthood (birth certificate for kids) and passports.

  2. You can do it yourself, unless your employer wants them to control the process.

  3. You just need to pay the initial fees for getting the bar code. I don’t remember the current fees, but it may be around 10K per applicant.

  4. It depends how soon you get the interview date, and whether the visa gets approved immediately or is put under administrative processing. The dependents’ timeline will be same as your visa timeline.