H4 pending extension. Got F1

My H4 extension was filed mid September and still pending for decision. In the meantime i went to India this December and got fresh F1 for my masters.

1)What should I do with my H4 extension. I want my F1 to be valid .Do I request a withdrawal of H4 extension?

2)What will happen if I get H4 extension approved next month (Jan) .Will my F1 that I got this December become null and void?

Your old H4 status would be technically invalidated, if you have re-entered US on F1 visa. Did you show your I-20 and visa at PoE and entered on F1 visa ? You can check with your spouse’s attorney for clarification as well.

Always, what status you entered and maintain is what matters. If you filed anything that is in process and you travel out and re-enter the in-process pending status one gets invalidated