H4 or F1 Visa-Best option to opt?

I’m currently in US for 14 months and my wife has been here for 8 months as well. We want to give a shot for Spring enrollment for Graduate Admission. If I’m right in 4 months she would become Eligible for in state enrollment as she would complete an year in the same state. Considering the factors of Spring and chance of benefit with in state enrollment would it be wise to go ahead with H4 and then during next semester convert into F1? Any valuable feedback would be highly appreciated.

Thanks & Regards

Hi, 1)You need to check with the university first, if they give in state tuition benefits. (It’s different from Uni. to Uni in my opinion) 2) F1 doesn’t qualify for In state benefits. (again the university has to say on it but mostly NO) 3) H4 to F1 Change of Status might take anywhere between 1 month to 12 months (one cannot predict the time, hopefully your wife gets it soon) so if you want to change H4 to F1 from 2nd semester then you might need to apply for the same in first semester itself since you never know how long the process will take. 4) F1 gives you the option of CPT (while in school) and OPT (students have to be on F1 status for 12 months to be eligible for OPT) so on H4 you might get In state benefits. and F1 might help you in getting job.
also you should keep in mind if your wife travels out of USA once she changes her H4 to F1 then she has to go for stamping. Stamping is similar to going for new visa interview and again you never know if the visa will be approved or not. if yes nothing like it, if not again you have to come to US on H4 (provided that it is still valid) if not again have to go for Interview. meanwhile the F1 status will be revoked