H4 NIE Request Details


I appreciate if you can give any suggestions or share your experience regarding NIE. I got my H1b visa with NIE annotation from Delhi consulate. Later, I got married and my wife got her H4 visa from Chennai Consulate recently. However, there is no NIE annotation on her visa stamp but the interviewer asked her about travel dates and confirmed that I have NIE (my wife showed my passport). I sent an NIE request email to Chennai Consulate and attached my wife’s visa and my visa (with NIE annotation). After receiving an automatic reply, they asked exact travel date and later we got a reply from them which mentions “Thanks for your enquiry If your visa is annotated “Exception under PP on Novel Coronavirus,” or there is no annotation in your visa and you are excepted from the current Presidential Proclamation, you may travel at a time that is convenient to you.” But, their response doesn’t say anything specific to my wife’s NIE request. I replied asking for a confirmation about NIE for my wife but received the same response again. We are not sure what else we can do and we are planning to travel in three days.

  1. Han anyone recieved an H4 visa recently with NIE annotation. If so, where does the “NIE” annotation appear. In my wife’s visa, there is no space to include this in the annotation as it is filled with “P/A details, P details, PN details etc”. I have an NIE annotation on H1b visa and there is enough space to include it.

  2. Is she not subject to presidential proclamation as she will be traveling with me and I have NIE annotation in my visa? The Chennai NIE team is not providing any response other than this generic response and we are not sure what else can to do. We appreciate any suggestions.


H4s do need NIE approval email if no annotation on visa however I am not sure if they can be exempt if travelling with primary H1B holder who is approved for NIE.

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The Faq for NIE if you have not gone through already