H4-L1 transfer after 1 year of unpaid leave


I am working for a X company in India for the past 5 years. I m getting married & going to shift to US. My company is wants me to work for them but they are not ready to apply for L1 immediately. They will be applying for my L1 within 1 year after I go to US. I will be working from home for the entire 1 year which will include calling customers on phone & securing orders on phone. My salary will be credited to my India bank account. My question was how difficult will it be to convert H4-L1? What legal complications can arrise? While applying for L1, my company is going to potray that I had taken 1 year unpaid leave. Is this entire idea feasible?

Kindly advice.

Firstly, it is illegal to work on H4 visa status. Also, it is very fishy…Make sure you are not doing anything illegal… Work with an immigration attorney, if you need better clarification.

Thank you for the reply. I will surely not do anything illegal. What will happen if I apply for L1 after 1 year leave? Meaning if I take 1 year leave (i.e. If i dont resign from my previous organisation & only take leave) & then apply for L1, will I be granted an L1? What issues I might face? Please advice.