H4 is in process, How to get the notice if I went India?

Hi Saurabh,

My H4 is in process for 2013 yr. I am planning to go to India in next month alonh with my husband.

I had received H4 application receipt on US current address,

  1. If I moved from the current adrress, where will I get approval or denail notice from USCIS?

  2. Can I change address by calling USCIS?

  3. Can I give India address?

  4. How many times can I change address while petition is in process?

Thanks in advance!


-D :slight_smile:

  1. Changing address doesn’t impact the outcome. It only impacts the delivery of USCIS notices.

  2. Yes, you can change the address w/ them.

  3. No, it has to be a US address.

  4. I don’t think there is a limit but 2-3 times should be ok.

Appreciated !

If I miss delivery of USCIS notices. Can I get another from USCIS?

Was the H-4 filed by you or employer/attorney? Do you know what’s the communication address given for H-4?

H4 is sponsored by employer but it is showing my current home address.
H1 is filed by employer with his office address for communication.

Yes, if you miss the package, then you can ask them to send it again.

If you are traveling when the package is expected to arrive, then why not put your mail on vacation hold.