H4 I-94 Expired but I-539 approval is still Valid

Hello All,

Need some expert advice.
I am on H4 visa and my I-94 and VISA expired 2 month back but our (spouse and mine) petition is still valid.
I was suggested to call CBP and request them to get the I-94 updated till petition end date as I-94 should reflect the petition end date.
Now when I call CBP they say for H4 they can update I-94 only till VISA end date not till petition end date.

What should I do now and should I get worried ?

You should always have your I-94 valid in US, unless you have a pending extension or COS with USCIS and you are waiting for them to respond.

If you do not have USCIS pending petition and I-94 has expired, then you should contact an attorney immediately. Also, Do NOT got to CBP, you can be deported as you are not in legal status now with expired I-94…

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Thanks Kumar, does this applies even if your petition is valid?
In my case my spouse’s attorney has been advising us to call CBP and get it corrected but in last two call we did not have any luck and they keep telling that for H4 they cannot do. If it was H1 then they would have updated it.