H4 - H1 petition approved but COS denied, How much time after I must appear for interview


I have got H4 to H1B approved, but COS is not approved due to some queries.

Now I need to travel to India to get the Visa stamped, but I have below queries:

  1. How much time i have before I must appear for visa interview? what will be the impact if I appear for interview after couple of months.

  2. If the H1B is rejected in interview what will be the status of H4? will there be any impact?

  3. Can I travel to Canada to get the visa stamp?

Please help me with these queries.



H-4 stays valid until H-1B is stamped. You can go to Canada for this, it is easier unless you have already made plans for India. If H1B is denied or subjected to RFE , you will continue in H4. You can do this any time but action is recommended before clock on stamped H4 runs out.

Thank you so much Shankar for the helpful answer, we will try for Canada