H4-H1-H4-H4 EAD (Working)- H1B - Did not work on H1B ? Status issues?

Need on guidance on how this situation can go in future:

a. 2015 came to US on H4
b. Filed H1B approved, stamped and back in US on H1B visa in Jan 2016
c. Did not get any project, so no payslip for an year of H1B status when I decided to convert to H4
d. Re-intered US in H4 status in Jan 2017
e. Received H4 EAD ( based on H1B based approved I140 of spouse) in Nov 2018 and started working for a big IT company in March 2019
f. This company is willing to file my H1-B in Apr 2020 as I will be completing one year of employment in March.

Note: I never received any RFE or rejection for previous H4 and EAD extensions.


  1. Will dark H1B period haunt me where I didn’t have payslips?
  2. Should I disclose that I had H1B ever and tell only about H4 petitions to attorney?
  3. What is best option here?
  1. If you have not exited and re-entered US, it could…the simple reason is that you violated status. You should discuss with an attorney soon and get it sorted out, by exiting the country and going for stamping.
  2. You should discuss and give the plain facts…It is like going to doctor and not telling the truth, it will get you in trouble in long run…
  3. You should talk to an attorney and really sort out your status situation. If you have violated status, one of the best things to do is to exit and re-enter the country…Discuss with an attorney on the risks and then proceed.