H4 first time stamping for 7 years old , Old Passport missing

Hi everyone please help me ,

My 7 years old son is holding new passport but his old passport is not found (Its not stolen).Is it mandatory to take old passport for interview? any other alternative?
thank you

Well, technically, it is not a required document as it is expired or not valid. However, I suggest you call USTravelDocs and seek their advice, they will suggest you.
Also, do update here once you speak to them.

Hi thank you, I made a call to USA Travel Docs they were not of much help infact they said they cannot comment on it and I need to take the call and go ahead with the appointment.

@Mamatha_G, You can carry a copy of the old one and attend the interview. In the mean time continue to search for it. Also, you can talk to a police station on the process to report, if it works. So that you have proof of what to answer. Makes sense ?