h4->f1B convert --Travel to india

I am a MS computer science student (final year). I came to US on H4 visa (October 2011) and changed to F1 visa in Sept 2012. My I 20 is valid till 25th August 2014 (My H4 visa was also valid till the same date). Since I didn’t go to India after coming to US in Oct 2011, I still don’t have F1 stamped on my passport. I was wondering whether It would be a good idea to go to India in January 2014? Will there be and issue in getting F1 stamped as my F1 visa is valid only till Aug 2014? Worst case, if my F1 is rejected and I have to come back in H4, will I be able to get OPT by June 2014?

I have heard that once I graduate and I am on OPT, it will not be a good idea to exit US until I get H1B (which will be 2015 October idealy.). What would be the best time for me to plan to go to India for vacation? Have any of you had a similar situation?

I personally know someone who went to India for F-1 stamping and who was previously on H-4 visa. The stamping went fine.

They should not cancel H-4 visa if F-1 runs into issues. However, they may cancel the visa if they approve the F-1 visa as they are for different categories.

If you return on H-4 visa, then you will not get OPT as your status will be H-4 and not F-1 (OPT pre-req).

Make sure your papers and answers are in order when appearing for F-1 interview.

Thanks Saurabh for the reply. my H4 was already cancelled as I got my F1 approval in Sept 2012.

ok, then there shouldn’t be any impact on your H-4. If F-1 is denied, you can appear for H-4 stamping and then return to US.