H4 Extesion after H1 amendment

Hi Sourabh,

I am posting the query 2nd time...

Can someone please answer at the earliest...

My family is holding h4 visa which is valid till December 2013 (they got H4 as per my H1b amendment petition) and I-94 also till Dec 2013.

I've my H1b valid till Feb 2015, but I changed my work loaction and got amendment till Dec 2013 (that'y my family got stamping till dec 2013). After amendment I went to India and returned in May and got new I-94 as per my H1b stamping.. means my amendment is valid till Dec 2013 and my new I-94 is valid till Feb 2015(as per H1b stamping).

My Query is..

1) do I need to go for another extension? if not

2) How can I do my family H4 extension (bcz they have validity till Dec 2013)


  1. Yes, extension needs to be filed as your 797 is about to expire in Dec 2013.

  2. If they are inside US, then you can include them in the extension petition as well.